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MAY, 2006
Client: Nokia Year: 2006

A piece for Nokia’s Flagship Store project, which sees high-end retail experiences opened in shopping capitals around the world.
One of the overarching concepts with all our work for the Nokia Flagship stores has been to take peoples own content and make something beautiful for them out if it.

This piece, together with SwimmingMessageSystem, is an attempt to bring a bit of nature into the store, the concept of this particular piece being a wind blowing through the store taking messages submitted by users via SMS and flying them across the different landscapes.

In it’s original incarnation the landscape is something like a magic forest, but the idea is to also make versions specific to the locations that stores open up, like the wheat field below for the Chicago store.

The piece is implemented as real time software running on anything from 24 to 42 screens, depending on the store layout, providing a seamless canvas.

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