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AUGUST, 2006
Client: Nokia Year: 2006

A piece for Nokia’s Flagship Store project, which sees high-end retail experiences opened in shopping capitals around the world.
The Nokia Flagship stores are all designed around a very impressive AV system, consisting of anything up to 42 high resolution LCD screens, arranged in groups of up to 18 in a row, with floor to ceiling LED panels able to change into any colour. Needless to say it’s a fun canvas to work with.

What we wanted to do with this piece was to give people visiting or simply passing by the store at night control over this canvas.

The piece is interactive via SMS, allowing people to request colours or abstract scenes consisting of motion and colour via their messages.

The system always precedes an action with the command responsible for it and constantly gives examples.

The observant user will quickly discover that he or she can combine colours with scene names to change colours for the scene and enter custom colours via RGB, giving him or her a lot of control over the lightshow.

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