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MARCH, 2011
Hyundai i40 Light Reveal
Client: Hyundai Year: 2011

Hyundai i40 Light Reveal by Hi-ReS! and Nanika.

A live event that ran for 7 days prior to the unveiling of the new Hyundai i40 in Geneva.

Users could assume control over a light-rig composed of 200 lights over the Internet and use it to reveal parts of the, then still secret, design of the car with the result streamed back by 3 cameras from the studio in Germany.

Nanika’s custom software allowed realtime control over the light rig which plugged into the website created by Hi-ReS! where users could draw strokes on a virtual model of the light rig and then see the results played through the streaming cameras.

Engineering by Schokopro.

Behind the scenes direction and editing by Ben Unwin.

Music composed in-house by Florian @ Hi-ReS!

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