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Diesel S/S 09 Show Visuals
Client: Diesel Year: 2008

Nanika created the interactive visuals of the Diesel Spring/Summer 09 New York fashion show.

Mixing prerecorded video with visuals created in real time which were generated by the movements of the models. Harnessing the models movement to create a fusion of subtle and natural animation with a futuristic and technological visual style, in line with the theme of the collection.

Silhouettes of the exiting models were formed of thousands of dancing light particles. Abstract landscapes referenced the motion of the models, captured by tapping into the existing 3 camera set up used to document the show itself.

Art Direction by Diesel Creative Team

Fashion show produced by Inca Productions

Show music mix by Star Studded Studios

On site editing by Ryan Uzilevski and Javier Perez-Karam

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