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MARCH, 2009
Renaissance Man/Woman Wanted.

Nanika are looking to add a permanent member to their team.

You need to be comfortable with both design and programming (C%2B%2B or Java), the exact mix we are looking for depends on the person, but you need to be comfortable enough with programming that you can take a project from start to finish yourself if need be, including design, programming, hardware research and acquisition and on-site setup.

- You are the type of person that constantly has a couple of personal projects on the go and you are addicted to seeing your ideas materialize.

- You are addicted to learning new things, you will dive in to any field.

- You have an eye for detail and the drive to go the extra mile to take a project to the next level.

- We’ll be spending a lot of time together, so you have excellent social and communications skills.

- You are already comfortable in either C%2B%2B and OpenGL (perhaps through OpenFrameworks) or Java/Processing.

- Experience with computer vision is a big plus (You have at least heard of OpenCV).

- Flash programming skills and a superficial knowledge of back-end programming won’t hurt.

- Some Arduino and general electronics experience could come in handy.

Salary will be fair, but nothing astronomical.

Preferably you are already based in London.

Please email links/documentation of your work to info .:at:.

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