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APRIL, 2007
Internship 2007


Nanika is around a year old now and we are getting to the point where it makes sense to take on an intern, we like our expansion real nice and slow.

We are looking for someone with strong design skills, a good eye for the devilish details, great ideas for interactive work and lots of enthusiasm.

Knowledge of the various Adobe packages and platform independence are a given, a bit of 3D experience wouldn’t hurt.

Strong Google skills are a must.

You will have at least dabbled in Flash programming or Processing, good Java or C++ skills would be a dream come true.

If you also happen to be good with electronics I think we should probably swap places.

You’ll be working with our small team of 2 ( 1, 0.5, 0.5 ) from the Hi-ReS! London office on various in-house things and whatever projects we happen to have on at the time, some very interesting stuff coming up.

If you are interested send your application to:

info ((at))

with “Internship 07″ in the subject line.

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